The Firstborn Son

Mafia marriage – may the best wiseguy win!

Becoming a ruthless mob boss like his father is the last thing Frankie wants, but when Sofia’s father is gunned down, Frankie must become the very thing he loathes to protect the woman he loves.

Sofia was a devoted girlfriend to Frankie, until he stood her up and she questioned his fidelity. Now that she’s alone and rich, mafia suitors slither around her. Marriage to him might be her only hope.

They try to rekindle their love amidst a mob war. But can a hasty marriage withstand what the Mafia has in store?



Her hands went to her hips. “I mean someone that puts me first. Like my father.”

“Oh, I’m not signing up to be your father, sweet. I want way more than that.”

Lust, anxiety, and fear of a lonely future came to a fiery head within him. He prowled closer, grabbed her hand and pulled her to him. Heedless of the open window, he braced his arm behind her back with one hand behind her head. When he pressed his mouth against hers, she struggled for a moment. He almost let her go.

Slowly, her body settled. Chest to chest, hip to hip, her voracious kiss gave him hope. But he had to be clever, had to keep her mouth occupied so she wouldn’t argue. He stripped off his shirt and broke the kiss for a second.

Big mistake. She slapped him. The magic ended.

“This can’t happen, Frankie,” she said and stomped away. “You don’t get to seduce me and pretend everything’s all right. I love you. I want your body. I can hardly stand here and look at your chest without ripping the rest of your clothes off. But I need more than you’re giving me.”

Interview with Frankie Renzi

Interview with Frankie Renzi

Where are you from?  Pittsburgh, PA
Tell us a bit about The Firstborn Son.
It exposes my crazy family and the one good thing that came from that life, Sofia.

What did you think the first time you saw Sofia?
Not sure I remember. We had known each other forever, like all the families did. It was after college, after I saw her grow into a woman, that I took interest.

What was your second thought? After seeing how beautiful she was, I couldn’t think at all.

Do you feel it was love at first sight? No. I don’t believe in that.
What do you like most about HIM/HER?
There’s no one thing. She’s successful without me as a restauranteur, she’s smart and pretty. She doesn’t take crap from me. But most of all, she understands me. She knows everything about my past, my family, and she still accepts me.
How would you describe HIM/HER?
Fussy but elegant. Demanding but giving. Fierce but feminine.
How would S/HE describe you?
After she tells you what a pain I am, she’d say I’m a leader.
What made you choose mob life for a career?
Well, it chose me and it is not my career. I’m a businessman with an MBA and I run a large construction company. It’s a family business that my father had, and his father before him. I’m taking it to the next level.
What is your biggest fear?
Losing Sofia.
How do you relax?
I don’t.
Who is your favorite fictional character?
Does the President of the United States count? He seems so far away from real life.
What is the best piece of advice you ever received?
Trust no one.